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Quotes 16 August 2012

Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

"Conversations about the past always turn dark." -Satsuki Momoi, Kuroko's Basketball

"Anybody can love music. For music to love you, however, is another story entirely." -Music Teacher, Tari Tari

"It's a virtual world, but I still feel more alive here than I do in the real one." -Kazuto Kirigaya [Sword Art Online]

"I have thought about winning, but I have never wondered if I can win or not." -Kuroko, Kuroko's Basketball

"A gentleman would never run away, leaving at helpless maiden alone." -Kurumi Kuroki, R-15

"It turns out that having everything is no different than having nothing at all." -Antonia Lirimonie Norfederas Papanorgas Arecroteles Cnorses Morfenoss, Cat Planet Cuties

"You can't blame someone for being weak. But you can blame them for not trying to get stronger." -Natayama, Medaka Box

"My heart just couldn't keep up with the gigantic gap between my dreams and reality." -Gerard Fernandes [ Fairy Tail ]

"You wouldn't understand what if feels like...falling from the sky with flaming wings, just like Icarus." -Ogure Ito [ Air Gear ]

"It's not an easy thing to protect or save someone." -Fo [ D.Gray Man ]

"No matter how far away we are from one another, we remain connected." -Noise Marie [ D.Gray Man ]

"His touch still lingers." -Kuronuma Sawako [ Kimi ni Todoke ]

"Do you think of yourself as someone special? That’s not true. We’re all the same. Everyone goes back to their divine creator as equals." -Izaya Orihara [ Durarara!! ]

"I’ve never made up with a friend before. I’ve never chased after someone’s back.
I’ve never known this feeling."-Natsume Takashi [ Natsume Yuujinchou ]

"Don’t just count your losses! What’s gone is gone!
But think about it! You…you still have some things left don’t you?"- Jinbei [ One Piece ]

"When you realize something’s important, why’s it always already gone?"-Sonohara Anri [ Durarara!! ]

""This one-sided crush is going nowhere.
It’s gonna drag me straight to hell." -Saiko [ Bakuman ]

"I will not stop moving forward. I will not regret a single step I have taken."-Ciel Phantomhive [ Kuroshitsuji ]

"There is someone I must meet again. And until that day…not even Death himself can take my life away." - Roronoa Zoro [ One Piece ]

"I hate loneliness, but it loves me."-Koyote Stark [ Bleach ]

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