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Lesson From Animanga ^^

Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

#LessonFromAnimanga No one know what will happen, but everyone must do their best to get the best future.

#LessonFromAnimanga Don't push your self too hard, or you will break your self.

#LessonFromAnimanga Friendship is the greatest thing ever!

#LessonFromAnimanga Practice makes perfect! But when no ones is perfect,why practice?

#LessonFromAnimanga Sometimes just go with the flow is the best way to survive.

#LessonFromAnimanga Enjoy what you have while you still have the chance.

#LessonFromAnimanga Italy is a coward country /SHOTDEADPLAKED

#LessonFromAnimanga Be Patient and wait for the chance to strike!

#LessonFromAnimanga Never give up even you are in the worst situation!

#LessonFromAnimanga leadership! never give up! friendship!

#LessonFromAnimanga loyalty, leadership, hard work, cooperation, caring, never give up and the true friendship!

#LessonFromAnimanga Even love can be found in the darkest place.

#LessonFromAnimanga learn to fight and protects something or someone precious

#LessonFromAnimanga The world belongs to you just as much as you belong to the world.

#LessonFromAnimanga Revenge will not make you feel better. It just make yourself tired.

#LessonFromAnimanga People become strong to protect the one they love.

#LessonFromAnimanga Kebanyakan cowo animanga tipe cool, pinter, dll yg menarik perhatian *pada awalnye* =_=

#LessonFromAnimanga passion to do things we like & as we want even from 0.

#LessonFromAnimanga I'll do my best

#LessonFromAnimanga what mine is yours? hell no! get your own mangas and animes =__=" *<<red allert otakus*

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