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Random Quotes 8

Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

"The scariest thing, the most painful thing, is to be hated by someone you truly love." - Fruits Basket

"There is happiness for those who accept their fate, there is glory for those who resist their fate." ~Edel

"Amazing! I'm a genius....Sorry, I just wanted to use the word 'genius'" Graham Specter #Baccano @iraemon

"Fun is the opposite of sadness. In other words, heaven and hell, love and peace. LOVE AND PEACE!" Graham Specter #Baccano @iraemon

 "The choices we make in life have unlimited possibilities." ~Rem Saverem (Trigun)

" I want to live my life within the idleness and be corrupt!" Graham Specter #Baccano @iraemon

"I eat, surf the net, sleep, game, sleep, eat...rinse and repeat." - Yadomi Jinta (AnoHana) @hapsarisa

"People who know the feeling of loneliness... cannot help but love." (Fruit Basket)

"A woman's enemy is my enemy." -Yohji Kudou

"This world is mine." Claire Stanfield #Baccano @iraemon

“If you cannot win at the game, if you cannot solve the puzzle, you are just a loser”-Near (Death Note)

"I just can’t stand it when someone’s cell phone rings when I’m talking."- L (Death Note)

"We are friend!" -Luffy (One Piece) @ginanjarfahrul

" In the end there is no greater motivation than revenge." - Mello (Death Note)

 "Ugly People shouldn't be allowed to smile that much!" -Yuusuke

"Why are you always the one... who tells me the things I want to hear the most..?" (Fruit Basket)

"It's okay to be "different" as long as it doesn't make any difficulties to others." - Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC) - @hapsarisa

"Weaklings will stay weak forever. But weakness is not evil, since human beings are weak creatures to begin with." -Makarov (Fairy Tail)

"A sneaky thief and a sneaky thief, are we some sneaky thief family?" Graham Specter #Baccano @iraemon

"Death is certain, the hour is not."

“Could you please listen to this selfish request of mine? Please … don’t forget about me.” Ennis #Baccano @iraemon

"How much hate has filled and enveloped my heart,
how much stronger I've grown because of it...
You know NOTHING."
- Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

"A man dies when he is forgotten!" -Dr. Hiruluk (One Piece)

"Loneliness is this world's worst kind of pain.Even if you knew that person was evil,people cannot win against their loneliness."-Gaara(Naruto)

KOGARASUMARU... CRUSH 'EM!! (Itsuki "Ikki" Minami - Air Gear) @ginanjarfahrul

"No way. I hate killing people for charity. Come at me you pieces of shit." - Phinx (Hunter X Hunter)

"Whatever you lose, you'll find again, but what you throw away, you'll never get back." - Oibore (Samurai X)

"Ninja yg melanggar aturan disebut sampah, tetapi ninja yg tdk memperdulikan temannya lebih rendah dari sampah"-Hatake Kakashi @puputrisss

"A man will become a man, it's okay to cry but you have to move on !" - Shanks (One Piece) @hapsarisa

"Don't blame me because you came from a family of losers." -Seto Kaiba(Yugi-Oh!) @FarizDS

 "No giving up!" -Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

 "I'm such a sensitiiiivve guy!" -Joey Wheeler(Yugi-Oh!) @FarizDS

"Menggambar adalah racun yg sehat"-Rakugaki Fighter,and our quotes :) @ZETAVARD

"It's when people realize how lonely it is being on their own, that they start to become kind." -Mirajane @franz_adde

"Good bye, whoever you are." - Noctis (Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

"I cannot be defeated by anger or hatred!" -Exdeath (Final Fantasy V)

"I said I'd live out both our lives... easy to make that promise." -Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

"I was frozen in the time, but I feel as if my time is just begining."- (Vincent Valentine - FF VII)

"Come on, this is contest of freaks, and I'm as normal as they come."-Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Misa: I can't even imagine a world without Light L: Yes, it would be quite dark. - (Death Note) @mayunakemuda

"Look deep into my eyes and accept my sincere apology! Also notice my handsome manly features."- Maito Guy (Naruto)

"You are crazy! Tomato isn't a fruit" Sergeant Keroro - Keroro Gunso @ginanjarfahrul

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